Great Pyrenees and Border Collies

"Titanium Chief", CKC registered

Out of "Prades Von Isabella" and "Garrison's Sarah"


This is my male Pyrenees. I call him Chief. He was too young when I brought him home and the goats were kidding.  The alpha female, Angel, would not allow him in the pens. Chief guards everything now.


Pictured at 8 months old

"Guardian Angel"


Angel is my alpha Pyrenees.  She came from a ranch near Dallas as a two year old.  Angel has never been handled.  I have learned from her lack of handling to handle the pups just enough to be able to catch them to administer vaccines and treatments if ever needed.


She is an amazing guardian to the goats.






Sargenta is out of "Angel" and "Sarge" (my male that got killed September 4, 2013). She was born September 6, 2013


She is an awesome guardian. Its amazing to watch her and Chief take off after something.


She is very easy to handle and stays with the goats.



"Mykal Rae"


Mykal is a blue merle border collie, non-registered.  She is double bred "Odie", a national trial dog champion.


Myke will be bred to Danny Thompson's "Max". He is out of International Trial Champion, "Whisp".  The last litter produced very intelligent, hard working dogs.


She is a great help with the goats.  She saves me from walking a lot of miles!





"Jessica Alba"


Jess was born November 14, 2014.  Her mother is Myke. She is out of Jim Walter's "Max".


Look for Jess puppies in about two years! She will be bred to Danny Thompson's dog "Max". He is ABCA registered, out of "Whisp".


"Titanium Steel Bleu", CKC Registered

Out of Easter's breeding by Paul Mitchell's Border Collies

Bleu is the newest addition to Titanium Livestock.  I traded one of Myke's and Max's pups for her this spring. She was born January 29, 2016.

She's a typical redhead, full of fire. She's going to be a heck of a working dog.

"Macen Delacroix"


Macen is a 16 year old Border Collie/ Australian Shepard cross  He was a great dog in his younger years.  He is great with cattle, but not so much goats.


I do not use him for breeding. He is an important member of the Titanium Livestock family.